Hmm, To Whom Is Jaylen Brown Referring in this Instagram Caption?

Ryan Glasspiegel

Jaylen Brown put up this caption on Instagram today: “Would rather walk than ride with bad company!” Maybe it’s a generality or maybe it’s the NBA petty passive aggression we all love. If it’s the latter, I’ll put on my reckless speculation hat and guess that Brown is referring to Kyrie Irving.

It’s become increasingly clear that Irving is leaving the Boston Celtics for the Brooklyn Nets. The Celtics played a lot better a year ago, making the Eastern Conference Finals, without Kyrie than they played with him this year.

It also now looks like Al Horford is leaving the Celtics, but Horford by all appearances was beloved by his teammates and it’s a lot more difficult to see Brown taking a swipe at him than at Kyrie, who seems from the outside like he would be a challenging guy to gel with interpersonally.

[H/T Chris Grenham]