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The History of Major League Baseball in Two Minutes

Kyle Koster
Abner Doubleday, who did not invent baseball.
Abner Doubleday, who did not invent baseball. / Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images

If there's one thing everyone says about me is that I love data. More specifically, data compiled and analyzed by smarter minds than my own that I can point a finger at and say, hey, that's pretty cool. If there's another thing I value, it's brevity. So there's no surprise that this graphic, put together by @BetweenTheNums scratches right where it itches.

It charts the cumulative win percentage for all active Major League Baseball clubs through the years.

There are a few very predictable observations. The New York Yankees have won a lot. The San Diego Padres have not. But the most interesting thing may be just how long the Chicago Cubs, a franchise known for losing, was a perennial winner. And as a fan of the Detroit Tigers who hasn't had much to take pride in, there's the ability to crow about the above-average success through the years.

That and a dollar will get you a small pack of Combos, but still. Something positive about something on the Internet. Take it when you can.