High Schooler Wins Indiana State Playoff Game With Miracle Shot from 3/4 Court [Video]

Kyle Koster

Tre’Shon Heard’s 80-foot prayer at the end of an Indiana sectional semifinal somehow found the bottom of the net. It gave McCutheon a 56-53 victory over Lockport and ignited an on-court celebration that would have really pissed off Coach K.

Heard, a sophomore point guard, had a good feeling when the heave left his hand.

"“I looked at it for a minute, and something told me it was going to be a good shot,” said Heard, who’d scored his seven points on free throws before tossing up the biggest prayer – and the biggest three points – of his young career. “My heart dropped. I felt so relieved knocking that shot down.”"

McCutheon had blown a 16-point advantage in the game’s final six-plus minutes, so Heard’s heroics served as a Band-Aid to stop the bleeding.

"“Fortunately we did enough at the end of the game to be there, and that shot by Tre — that’s a once-in-a-lifetime type shot,” McCutcheon coach Rick Peckinpaugh said. “You don’t expect that to go in, but doggone it I’m glad it did.”"

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