High School Softball Team Seems to Enjoy Throwing At Hitters After the Pitch


Check out a softball game and you have the chance to see something you've never seen before on the diamond. Oftentimes that's positive. Other times, like what appears to have gone down in West Texas this weekend, it's not so great.

What we have here is the McCamey catcher throwing not one but two balls into the face of a right-handed Cisco batter.

Let's go through these. In the first there's actually a play to be made at third base with a runner getting her secondary lead. But if you watch the trajectory of the throw, it doesn't appear to be headed anywhere near the base unless for some reason they moved it into the third base dugout. It's possible the catcher was trying to draw an interference call yet it does appear the hitter still has a foot in the box and is in no way trying to do anything to disrupt any play toward third. Occam's razor might even suggest she was simply stepping out of the box.

After it failed to work, a decision to double down was made with a runner about 1/3rd of the way down the basepath between second and third. The batter is, once again, doing some normal post-pitch movement.

That would be weird enough. But Kayler Smith, reporting on the story for KMID, dug a bit deeper and found such there were two such incidents involving McCamey in a previous playoff game.

Thank goodness for those facemasks.