High School Softball Catcher Knocks Runners Down With Vicious Elbows

Stephen Douglas
Ejected or Not? You Make the Call 6/6/15
Ejected or Not? You Make the Call 6/6/15 / Vype setx

This is some of the dirtiest play you’ll ever see – coming from a girls’ high school softball game, at least. The video comes from the Texas 4A championship game between Needville and Huffman Hargrave over the weekend according to Click2Houston. Hargrave won, 6-4, but two of their runs were scored with the Needville catcher blocking the plate without the ball and throwing some pretty blatant elbows, sending two girls flying.

I don’t have the Texas High School Softball Rule Book on me, but I’m guessing it’s illegal for the catcher to block the plate without the ball, which she does in both instances. Amazingly, the umpire watched both plays and said absolutely nothing. Just a great job all around.