High School Football Game Delayed So Kid Can Clean Up Horse Urine at Midfield


The Friday night lights were a little too bright for at least one horse in Arizona last week. Saguaro beat ALA-Queen Creek, 39-35, after a brief delay where a kid had to clean up the logo at midfield because one of the home team's horses urinated during the pregame festivities.

This is a great argument against live mascots at sporting events because, well, you shouldn't need someone on mop duty at a football game. Tradition is great, but people should be able to get excited about a game without seeing a horse briefly appear at the 50-yard line. Besides, this is Arizona. There must be flags everywhere. You don't need an animal carrying one. They make poles for that.

But this is the pomp and circumstance that we've come to expect from our amateur sports. If you've got a horse, you have to use it. Otherwise what's the point of having a horse? When they say freedom isn't free, this is certainly what they mean.

There have not been any reports about whether the horse is facing discipline or not. If the equine is sporting a diaper at the next home game we'll know, but until then the only being who faced any type of punishment was the one brushing up dried urine in front of a crowd.