Here's What the NCAA Tournament Courts Would Have Looked Like

Stephen Douglas
A previous NCAA March Madness court design.
A previous NCAA March Madness court design. / Lance King/Getty Images

Any other year, an order to stay home in March would be welcome with open arms. That's why so many men had scheduled vasectomies for this week. Now, for any guy who went through with the scheduled procedure, it was likely the highlight of his week. Instead, today is the first Thursday of March Madness and every arena in America is empty. No fans are cheering. No shoes are squeaking.

In a better timeline, these would be the courts we'd be looking at all weekend.

They are simple and clean. No region-specific flair, but I personally like them. I just hope that they didn't do a bunch of brainstorming and mock-ups before they settled on this design. Just because this is as much as the public will get to admire them. A quick glimpse of a single tweet. A memory of one shining moment that never existed.