Here's What ESPN's New BottomLine Will Look Like

Kyle Koster

ESPN first used the BottomLine in 1995 and we’ve all spent countless hours waiting for the score of the game we’re interested in to scroll across it. So many pleasant memories.

There have been multiple redesigns in the 23 years since, including one in 2014. Monday will bring the latest.

The company released a sneak peek at the new look, dropping a “form follows function” line along the way.

Watch video Here

"“Viewers likely will notice the elimination of team logos and a switch from scrolling text to text that instead flips, reducing the frustration of missing part of a news summary and having to wait for it to scroll by again.”"

This promises to be an improvement for disseminating lengthier editorial content and, of course, will be a slick way to promote upcoming broadcasts.

Surely everyone will love it and no complaints will be lodged into the void of social media. That’s how these things work.

[ESPN Front Row]