Here's Video of Oregon's Cliff Harris Getting Stopped by Police Going 118 MPH


Remember speed racer Cliff Harris getting popped by police in Oregon for trying to break the sound barrier in the middle of the night? Well video of incident has been uploaded to You Tube. The cop asks about weapons right off the bat, and before saying he smells weed, asks, “who’s got the marijuana?” As soon as Cliff Harris tells the officer his name, he responds, “the football player?”

Some news to report here – Oregon’s starting QB, Darron Thomas, was in the car with Harris. When the officer hears his name, he says, “you’re Darron Thomas?” Then he says, “how do you think [Chip] Kelly would like it if I called him and told him you were doing 118 mph?”

Chip Kelly’s got to hate this. [via @CatDomeAlumni]