Here's the NYPD Just Wailing on a Cyclist

Kyle Koster

Protests have been overwhelmingly peaceful in recent nights across America but there are still examples of violence emerging, including this troubling clip from New York City last night. The video shows a policeman repeatedly striking a cyclist with his baton in a crosswalk in front of stalled traffic. The man on the bike appears to be trying to leave the area when the blows begin.

Then two other policemen appear and head toward the action. Any hope that they are going to help de-escalate the situation are immediately dashed as they join in on the swinging as well.

It's unclear what happened before the confrontation. If one were to believe in the better angels of our nature, they could imagine a scenario where there's a perfectly logical explanation for this. Looking forward to hearing what it is.

The NYPD is yet to comment.