Here Are the Bagel Boss Guy-Lenny Dykstra Fight Odds In Case You've Hit Rock Bottom

Kyle Koster

As life bends more and more in the direction of a bizarre Howard Stern Show bit from the late 1990s, it almost make sense that two of his former guests are duking it out in a ring for a good cause: their continued celebrity.

Chris Morgan, known as The Bagel Boss Guy, and Lenny Dykstra will fight on September 7th in Atlantic City in a staging that makes so, so much sense.

Bovada is offering a line for the bout because this is where we’re at. Dykstra is 1-5 and Morgan is 3-1.

What should you do with this information?


Imagine trusting your hard-earned cash to the performance of even of these guys. Just an insane thing to do.

Now, having said all that, I already have serious FOMO when I think about the crowd that this fight is going to bring in. It’s going to be electric and weird in all the right — and wrong — ways. A true Bucket List item for a dark tourist looking to experience all life has to offer.