Here are Some Spring Football Game Attendance Numbers That May Surprise You

By Jason McIntyre

In some portions of the country, the Spring Football game is most definitely an “event.” I hear “Spring Football” and instantly think of the scene in Dazed and Confused when Pink goes to the baseball game (his crew is going to deliver a beating to Mitch) and the old couple pulls the QB aside and goes, “This arm ready to throw about two thousand yards next fall? … We’re depending on you boys and let me tell you what. You’re looking good. Thirteen starters coming back. Twenty-two lettermen looking tough.” For the locals in the South, it’s always time to talk football.

As compiled by the Gazette, here are your Top 17 Spring Football game attendance numbers. As expected, six of the top eight crowds were in SEC country. It’s pretty surprising USC generated 15k.

Alabama 78,526 (SEC)
Texas 46,000 (Big 12)
Georgia 44,117 (SEC)
Auburn 43,427 (SEC)
Florida State 40,631 (ACC)
Florida 38,000 (SEC)
South Carolina 34,513 (SEC)
LSU 33,000 (SEC)
Clemson 28,000 (ACC)
Michigan 25,000 (Big 10)
Oklahoma 20,000 (Big 12)
Missouri 18,614 (SEC)
Boise State 17,123 (Whatever conference the Broncos are in)
North Carolina 17,000 (ACC)
USC 15,515 (Pac 12)
Louisville 15,000 (Big East)
Miami 10,000 (ACC)

Dead last? Boston College, which drew 200 fans. Let’s see … how are you going to spend a lovely Saturday in Boston? Watching the dreadful Eagles toss the pigskin around? I’m going to guess no.