Here Are Some Free Ideas For Future WWE Wines

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

What do you think of when you think about wine? France? Grapes? That nice, warm feeling rushing over you while you take in the beauty of Napa Valley as you desperately try to save your marriage? Slapping a Franzia bag back in college before all life's troubles caught up with you?

Or is it performative wrestling at the highest level? For those in the last camp, your ship has arrived via WWE Wines. UNDERTAKER 2018 CABERNET SAUVIGNON and ULTIMATE WARRIOR 2019 ZINFANDEL are two of the debut varietals, and surely more are on the horizon. Or waiting to be lowered from the rafters.

We here at The Big Lead took it upon ourselves to help in this emerging new sector. The possibilities, flavor-wise, are endless. Some future, already-tied-in ideas to consider:

The Decantertaker

Merlowen Hart

Macho Man Randy Sauvignon

Malbecky Lynch

Roseandre the Giant

Dwayne the Roquefort Pairing

Alberto Zinfandel RIo

Chiantito Santana

Madeirandy Orton

Sherreddy Guerrero

Petite Sirahltimate Warrior

Bret the Snift Man Hart

Room-Temperature Red Steve Austin

Delish Stratus

Jesse The Full-Bodied Flavor

Or not. People like drinking anyway. They don't necessarily need to be dazzled with puns.