Henry Ruggs III Broke NFL Draft Rules and Wore an Old Spice Robe After Being Picked By the Raiders

Stephen Douglas
Henry Ruggs
Henry Ruggs / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Henry Ruggs III was taken 12th overall by the Las Vegas Raiders. The wide receiver was the first pick in the history of the Vegas Raiders and was very happy to be selected. The Raiders were probably less happy about what was behind Jon Gruden after the pick was made. After he was picked he put on a robe with an Old Spice logo, which is definitely against the NFL's rules for the virtual draft.

According to Pro Football Talk, "third party logos" other than official league partners, were prohibited. So in addition to being the first pick in Vegas Raiders history, he will likely be the first player from his draft class to be fined. Hopefully, Old Spice paid him enough to make it worth it. As if wearing a robe on television wasn't reward enough.