Heather O'Reilly on FS1 to Alexi Lalas: 'Spoken like a guy who has not won an Olympic gold medal'


Heather O'Reilly and Alexi Lalas were in FS1 studio during Thursday night's United States Women's National Team game against Portugal. Lalas wondered if USWNT's focus on winning every game, including those in the upcoming Olympics, would ultimately hurt them when they play for the World Cup next year. O'Reilly's response was kind of brutal.

"Lex, that sounds spoken like a guy that has not won an Olympic gold medal." As you can see in the clip below, Lalas looked away saying, "Oh, ouch," while Rob Stone threw in, "Dagger."

O'Reilly was on the 2012 USWNT that won the gold in Rio and 2008 in Beijing. She also won a World Cup in 2015. It's really not fair for Lalas to be put in this situation where he was a really good player for the men's team, which doesn't come close to approaching the USWNT dynasty that has existed for the last decade-plus. Any

We shall now see if Lalas turns this into his latest Twitter beef.