Did Denzel Washington Roast Trae Young's Hair During Miami Heat Team Meeting?

94th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
94th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals / David Livingston/GettyImages

Denzel Washington is a man of many talents. One of the most iconic male actors to ever grace the screen and stage. The one man trusted to mediate when Will Smith slaps Chris Rock during the Oscars. And master motivator.

Washington lent his voice to the Miami Heat before Game 4 of their series against the Atlanta Hawks. You can see that he had their rapt attention. A blistering performance on the heels of such a speech suggests he could become a major part of cultural efforts going forward.

The most interesting part, though, came as things were breaking up. It appears Washington and Udonis Haslem, who are approximately the same age, shared a laugh about Trae Young's hair.


Young is still paying penance for embarrassing the Knicks last year. New York fans will not forget what he did to them. Primarily because there are no high points to dull the pain.

Anyway. This gives us an idea. They should set up a service where Washington roasts people for charity. He's one-for-one and shooters shoot. Young of all people can respect that.