HBO Real Sports' Reporter Roundtable Reminds Us Sports Can Start, But They May Not Finish

Kyle Koster

Bryant Gumbel assembled some of sports-reporting's biggest, boldest names to discuss the uncertainty surround both the return of professional athletics and their continued existence. Peter King, David Aldridge, and Tom Verducci weighed in on the percentage chance the sports they cover will be able to crown a champion this year.

Aldridge was obviously the most confident in success at 8 or 9 out of 10, given the NBA bubble proving to be reliable and the truncated schedule. He identified the most challenging aspect as getting everyone to Orlando. King was the least optimistic at four out 10.

Verducci put MLB's chances at 50-50, a classic but understandable hedge considering the recent spike in cases.

"In the hierarchy of who controls things here, COVID is number one, local municipal state officials are number two, and then the commissioner," he said. "So it might be out of his hands."

The full episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel airs tonight on HBO. Again, not to be a real buzzkill here but starting sports is really only half the equation. There is no guarantee things don't go off the rails and have to be abandoned, which some would argue would be worse than not starting at all.