Harry Styles Decked Out in Bright Yellow Pants For Round at Shinnecock

Harry Styles
Harry Styles / Joseph Okpako/GettyImages

Harry Styles is in a league of his own when it comes to style, but he appears to have taken some inspiration from Rickie Fowler recently. Styles apparently played at Shinnecock and a picture was posted of him with a caddie at the course. Styles was wearing some very bright pants that could probably be seen from the parking lot.

That level of fluorescent is rarely seen on the course. Yet we do wonder if the pants run a bit tight for a golf game, even if he took a cart instead of walking. Gotta have some room to maneuver when you're ripping driver down the fairway.

Still, by Styles' standards, a fairly tame fit. Would enjoy seeing him design some looks for the Tour.