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Harrison Bader Chugged Several Beers At Once In Heroic Display

Kyle Koster

The New York Yankees locked up the American League East title last night. It took longer than a lot of fans may have hoped but at least the Aaron Judge homer chase has been a diversion. As is tradition, the Bronx Bombers turned their clubhouse into a frat party after the victory, where the beer flowed like, well, beer. There are people who will tell you that such celebrations for simply making the playoffs are a bit much but we should not listen to those who seek to sap other's joy. Or prevent us from delightful footage of a player going absolutely ham.

There was one party animal partying harder than any other in pinstripes last night and it was, unsurprisingly, Harrison Bader. The athletic outfielder showed his versatility, coordination, and unmatched energy by chugging a handful of cans at once.

Impressive stuff. Two things come to mind, though. One, how's Bader feeling this morning? If he is awake yet. Also, if he's going to take it up to 11 for a divisional crown, what's he going to do if the Yankees advance to the ALCS? Or the World Series? Or if they win the whole damn thing?

Something to keep an eye on.