Ungrateful Hard Rock Cat Immediately Urinated All Over Its Rescuers

Kyle Koster

Hard Rock Cat was the breakout star of the sports weekend with its death-defying viral moment. Quick-thinking and compassionate Miami Hurricanes fans did what they could in the moment to ensure there was no feline fatality. Craig and Kim Cromer were at the center of the rescue effort, deploying an American flag to break the cat's fall. On September 11th no less. Truly as wild a spectacle as one could ever see at the ol' ballgame.

The Cromers joined CNN's New Day this morning to talk about the experience, presumably because Hard Rock Cat is holding out for a primetime interview. That's where Craig helpfully revealed that this magical moment of interspecies harmony wasn't all rainbows and kittens.

The sentence "It was good to see that the cat was okay, but between the urine and the coke that was spilled on me, I was sticky and stinky," he said.

Yes you were, Craig. Heroes are not created without sacrifice.

It was only a matter of time until Hard Rock Cat was Milkshake Duck'd. The next thing we hear about this high-wire artist is going to be even more troubling. Probably has some bad tweets in its past or appropriated dog culture with an insensitive Halloween costume.