Hard Rock Cat Survives Fall From Upper Deck


The college football season is young. There will be plenty of packed stadiums and unusual twists and turns along the way. Having said that, it doesn't feel like hyperbole to suggest Hard Rock Cat could be the moment of the year in this and any other sport. Because, damn, it does not get more compelling than an adorable feline hanging for dear life like his ancestor did in that iconic elementary school poster.

At least when there's a happy ending. As there was during tonight's Miami-Appalachian State game. Even after said cat eventually lost his grip and fell to the horrified masses below. Here is the incredible video of one lucky feline using up one of its nine lives in dramatic and surely intensely viral fashion.

It appears that a well-placed American flag broke the fall a bit before some sure-handed Hurricanes supporters played amateur firemen, securing the precious package.

On par with any animal-based incident at any stadium anywhere. Bound for the history books. Someone is going to bring this up 30 years from now at a wedding reception and it will be a lightning bolt to your brain.

Long live Hard Rock Cat.