Guy Who Blogs About Cats Claims Ryan Braun, Robinson Cano and Others Will Be Suspended for PEDs

By Jason McIntyre

Monday, he received a text from someone claiming a few big-name MLB players – Curtis Granderson, Robinson Cano, Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez – were going to be suspended from MLB for PEDs. He felt the need to blog about this.

Bisceglie has taken an interesting position – hey, I’m not a reporter, I’m not investigating, I’m just gonna drop this text message I got onto the web. Do with it what you will. I’ll be right, or I’ll be wrong. We’ll see.

Sounds like – ahem – the early days on some sports blogs!

I’m not sure where this ranks compared to the dumb Jay Wright rumors from last Fall or the even more dumb Les Miles rumors from the weekend. The difference here, of course, is that two of the players have checkered PED histories, and a third, Cano, has dealt with this kind of garbage before. While nobody gave the Wright/Miles rumors an ounce of credibility, Joe’s post has resonated in the New York area, especially on talk radio, where every 10th caller on WFAN all day has seemingly brought up the rumor.

The good news for Cano and Granderson, two guys with clean histories, is that something else will happen in sports – a buzzer shot in college hoops, the Lakers beat the Thunder, whatever – and it’ll quickly be forgotten.

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