Guy Proposes at Minor League Baseball Game, Girl Says No. But is it a Hoax? [Video]

Stephen Douglas

She said, “No.” That’s what happens when you go to a minor league baseball game instead of Jared. Last week, a guy proposed on the scoreboard at a Boston Red Sox game. She said yes. Presumably inspired by that man’s success, this poor guy decided to (allegedly) propose at a New Britain Rock Cats game. You have to know the answer before you ask that question. I mean, the car ride home … it would be utterly macabre.

Now, this comes with a caveat. This could be fake. College Humor did a fake proposal at a Yankees game as part of a prank war back in the infancy of the Internet. The New Britain Rock Cats just held Christmas in July last month, so they’re not above odd promotions. Either way, this was awkward to watch. Real or a hoax? [@djreese5]

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