Gus Johnson Was On One Last Night

Kyle Koster
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

College football isn't truly back until a mammoth national brand like Ohio State finds itself on upset alert. Which happened last night in Minneapolis as the Golden Gophers provided notable resistance for 40 minutes before being outclassed in the final third. The primetime showcase marked the return of Gus Johnson, Fox's lead announcer and noted enthusiasm enthusiast.

And folks, he hit the ground running.

A few standouts from the performance are below. The first came on Garrett Haskell's fumble recovery for a touchdown, which proved to be the biggest play of the game and got Johnson cranked up about 8.7 on the Gusgasm scale — a pretty high score for opening night.

After the score, Johnson reminded us that a year ago Haskell was recovering from a gunshot wound to the face.

Perhaps the most interesting moment of the broadcast came via this exchange with Big Noon Kickoff host Rob Stone.

It's true. I am often saying that vanilla melts when it gets wet. Everyone has been saying this.

Just a genuinely pleasant feeling to know a dozen or so weeks of uncut Gus are on the horizon.