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Gus Johnson Moved to Tears Talking About His Career Coming Full Circle

Kyle Koster
Villanova vs St. John's
Villanova vs St. John's / Porter Binks/Getty Images

When a player in a game Gus Johnson is calling hails from Detroit, you can bet the house that the Fox broadcaster is going to let you know about it because the city is an important part of his history. That happens fairly regularly, especially in Big Ten country. Rarer is the opportunity for him to wax poetic about Howard University, his alma mater.

But he'll be on microphone for Monday's game against Notre Dame for a special Martin Luther King Jr. Day matchup. On Titus & Tate, Johnson was asked returning to such a formative place, the place where he got his professional start. He was moved deeply, fighting through damp eyes to talk about the great life he's enjoyed and the blessing of bringing things full-circle.

It's always worth considering the hard times, the low-budget times, the trying times that even those who have ascended to the highest levels of this industry have experienced. It didn't just happen overnight. There were obstacles and emotion and doubt to overcome.

Johnson is clearly appreciative of this blessing and secure enough in who he is to unsheathe his most personal of feelings. Exceptional stuff.