Gus Johnson Says Stephen Curry is Ruining Basketball

Maryland vs Seton Hall
Maryland vs Seton Hall / Porter Binks/GettyImages

As I type this, Creighton and Villanova are a combined 4-for-38 from three-point range during the Big East Tournament championship game and have as a result posted only 55 points on the scoreboard. Gus Johnson, calling the game for Fox, hit his breaking point after yet another long-range try clanged off the rim.

"Some of these shots these kids are taking are horrible," he said. "Is this this analytics crap? This is ridiculous. Steph Curry is ruining the game of basketball. He's a phenomenon and everyone thinks they can be Steph Curry and it just doesn't make any sense."

It's a theory we've heard before and your mileage may vary on its validity. We can all agree there is only one Curry and literally everyone trying to replicate what he does falls woefully short in their impression.

Curry himself spoke about the issue on a recent episode of Knuckleheads from The Players' Tribune.

"I'm going to use this moment to get on my soapbox," the sharpshooter said. "Stop tagging me in all these horrible basketball clips of people taking bad shots, telling me I ruined the game. I did not tell y'all to shoot that shot."