Gus Johnson Calls Chargers 'Notoriously Cheap' During Michigan-Wisconsin Broadcast

Liam McKeone
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The minds of broadcasters tend to wander during blowouts as they search for discussion topics other than the beatdown at hand to keep their audience interested and engaged. Such was the case for Saturday's Big Noon game, where Wisconsin absolutely dominated Michigan from start to finish. If you're a Badger fan or Michigan hater, it was a glorious 60 minutes of football. For the rest of us, it was quite boring.

Gus Johnson had one of the highlights of the second half and gave us all a good laugh in the midst of our wait for the game to end and the next slate to begin. Johnson called the Chargers "notoriously cheap" when talking about these college kids getting to the next level and finally getting paid for playing football.

The audio and video here isn't top-notch, so here's the full quote for those struggling to hear:

"Trying to take his game to the next level and get paid by the San Diego Chargers, who are NOTORIOUSLY cheap. "

Gus Johnson

Joel Klatt gave Johnson an opportunity to backtrack with a chuckle and an "Oh... oh yeah?" But Johnson doubled down and merely stated, "Yes. Notoriously."

Johnson clearly has a bone to pick with that particular franchise, and it wouldn't be a shock if calling them the San Diego Chargers instead of Los Angeles Chargers was intentional. Johnson isn't wrong in that the Chargers do have a reputation for this sort of thing. But generally speaking, their public perception has been in the dumps for years.

Still, another great quote to come from blowout football.