Gui Khury Wins X Games Gold at 12-Years Old by Landing a 1080 in Front of Tony Hawk

Stephen Douglas
Gui Khury landing a 1080.
Gui Khury landing a 1080. /

Gui Khury, a 12-year old from Brazil, won gold in the X Games Vert Best Trick competition on Friday. He did this by landing the first 1080 on a (non-mega) vert ramp. He did this in front of Tony Hawk, who was a last minute surprise competitor. Khury's 1080 bested the 900 Hawk landed back in 1999.

For some perspective, Hawk landed his trick nine years before Khury was born. Here they are side by side.

Well, that's a pretty cool moment. The only question is where does Khury go from here? You can't peak 12. How many more times can he spin around in the air on a skateboard?