Gronk Spiked a Steve Harvey LEGO Set on the FOX New Year's Eve Broadcast

Stephen Douglas
Gronk spike Steve Harvey LEGO!
Gronk spike Steve Harvey LEGO! /

Steve Harvey hosted FOX's New Year's Eve broadcast to ring in 2020. One of his guests was fellow FOX personality Rob Gronkowski. Wearing an old school #87 football jersey and leather helmet, Gronk proceeded to spike a fairly large LEGO set in the shape of Steve Harvey's head and shoulders. Presumably out of nowhere, Gronk picked the LEGO Steve Harvey up and spiked it.

Harvey's reaction could probably be applied to most of Gronk's interactions at FOX. "I don't wanna work with him no more. Why is he here? Why are you here? What is wrong with you. You're mentally imbalanced."

As the host of Family Feud, it's impossible to tell just how annoyed Harvey really was because his main job is acting like everything people say is the most outrageous thing he's ever heard. But how many people get their bust made out of LEGO? He was probably going to take that home.

Gronk then continued his New Year's celebration by kicking the busted LEGO set and dancing on its LEGO ashes, taunting Harvey as if he were another helpless defensive back.