Here's Video of Rob Gronkowski Catching Football Dropped From Helicopter

Gronk trying to catch a football from a helicopter
Gronk trying to catch a football from a helicopter /

Rob Gronkowski's return to football has been enjoyable for people of all ages and he's coming back to defend the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Super Bowl title in 2021. Until the season starts, he'll just be doing Gronk things. Like catching a football from a helicopter.

Gronkowski and Tedy Bruschi are honorary coaches for the University of Arizona's spring football game this weekend. Gronkowski showed up to practice in his old Wildcats uniform. Then he and the Arizona coaches set in motion a plan to set a world record.

Why? I do not know. But you don't need a reason to break a world record. Breaking world records is fun. In Gronk's case, he broke the world record for the highest-altitude catch. So the university hired a helicopter to fly over 600 feet above the stadium and dropped a football down to the turf for Gronk to catch. And he delivered. Eventually.

I'm surprised it didn't take him more than three tries, honestly. Aside from how fast the ball is traveling once it gets to Gronk's big mitts, it seems extraordinarily difficult to track it as it tumbles from 60 stories up between the wind factor and the fact that a football doesn't look too big from that far away.

Third time's the charm, though.