Gronk: 'Big Announcement' Coming on Instagram

Brian Giuffra
Rob Gronkowski Visits "FOX & Friends"
Rob Gronkowski Visits "FOX & Friends" / Noam Galai/Getty Images

Rob Gronkowski is really milking the will-he, won't-he return thing to his own benefit on social media. With the deadline for him to announce if he'll unretire this year and rejoin the Patriots approaching (Nov. 30 is last day), Gronk took to his Instagram account to announce that he's making an announcement on Tuesday morning at 9 a.m.

Just imagine if Brett Favre had Instagram when he was retiring and unretiring every other season. He'd have 10 million followers.

As for Gronk, he already teased us earlier this year with a "big announcement" proclamation. The announcement turned out to be him partnering with a CBD company. Will this announcement be him partnering with an energy drink distributor or returning to the NFL? Like the good promoter he is, Gronk is forcing you to wait (and go to his account) to find out. But I'm guessing it's the former.