Giant Lizard Terrifies Shoppers in Thailand Convenience Store

Ryan Phillips
Apr 7, 2021, 3:37 PM EDT
An enormous monitor lizard wreaks havoc on a convenience store in Thailand

Ever wonder what life was like during the Mesozoic Era? Well, if you'd been in this convenience store in Thailand, you could have gotten a taste.

Video began circulating on Wednesday of an enormous lizard terrifying customers inside a Thai market. The enormous animal ravaged the shop, climbed shelves and almost certainly caused some shoppers to lose all bowel control.

Check it out:

The only thing that would have made this better would have been if an enormous gorilla came running in after it looking for a fight.

Apparently this happened in Nakhon Pathom, and you're looking a 6-foot monitor lizard that now officially owns that store. I feel bad for the previous owners, but rules are rules. When an enormous, carnivorous lizard enters your store, you surrender all claim to it.

Someone on Twitter said this hideous creature must have escaped. From where? What could have possibly contained this thing other than the electrified fences surrounding Jurassic Park?