Gritty is a Five-Tool Baseball Player

Kyle Koster

Gritty has been in our lives for less than three years and yet it's tough to remember a world without him, such is his omnipresent greatness. Even when you're not thinking about Gritty, you can feel his aura even half a world away. Deep down, your soul just knows he's doing something awesome.

It's not hyperbole to suggest that when all is said and done, he could go down as one of the greatest mascots to ever put on a stinky, sweat-soaked oversized head. This is the path he's on.

The heart and soul of the Philadelphia Flyers paid homage to the Phillies on their Opening Day by breaking out a sizzle reel highlighting his infinite and wide-ranging ability to impact the game in all facets.

Honest question here. The person in this suit ... do they have eligibility left? Because this is the type of talent a D-3 squad would love to get its hands on.