Greg Olsen: Panthers Will Have a Hard Decision Between Kyle Allen and Cam Newton

Kyle Koster
Carolina Panthers v Houston Texans
Carolina Panthers v Houston Texans / Tim Warner/Getty Images

Kyle Allen has excelled in his role as Carolina Panthers starting quarterback, winning all four of his games. The man he took over for, the injured Cam Newton, had lost his previous eight starts. That presents an interesting problem upon the veteran's return. Everyone has opinions, including Panthers tight end Greg Olsen, who moonlighted as a Fox analyst yesterday and was put on the spot by the studio team.

After the necessary platitudes about what Newton has meant to the franchise, Olsen did admit that there would be a tough decision to be made.

In some way this was a very politically-savvy answer to an impossible question for a current teammate to answer, but the fact that Olsen is even saying it's going to present a pickle is illuminating. No one -- except perhaps Allen and his family -- thought we'd ever be in this situation a few weeks ago.

Feelings of nostalgia aside, it's a good problem for Carolina to have. There exists a situation where Allen keeps winning them football games and a Newton trade yields both return talent and a more favorable salary cap outlook.

Olsen handled it all very well and continues to bolster his live-television reel for when retirement inevitably comes and a high-profile booth is shifted around to make room for his considerable talents.