Greg Norman: PGA Tour Players Should Be Thanking LIV Golf

Liam McKeone
LIV Golf Invitational - Portland - Day Three
LIV Golf Invitational - Portland - Day Three / Chris Trotman/LIV Golf/GettyImages

On Wednesday morning, Greg Norman jumped on Kap & J. Hood on ESPN 1000 to chat about all things LIV. The commissioner, predictably, had a lot to say about the league's place in the golf ecosystem and hinted at discussions taking place with TV networks for a broadcasting deal.

Norman also touched on the innovation he feels LIV has brought to the table. Specifically, Norman stated the PGA Tour wouldn't have introduced any of the changes they have over the last year without the presence of LIV to push them. Competition breeds innovation, as they say. Norman finished up by telling David Kaplan and Jonathan Hood that PGA Tour players should be thanking LIV for essentially improving their employment status by merely existing.

"Since LIV’s come on board, the PGA Tour has stepped up. They would never have done that without competition. Competition’s the best thing in any sport," Norman said. "We’ve created this new atmosphere, this new energy, and the PGA Tour had to react. That tells us, me, LIV is the leader. LIV is the future of golf. As long as we maintain our position and keep building and building and building, the Tour is going to have to keep reacting and reacting and reacting. 

"The competition that LIV brought, the [Tour] players should be thanking LIV."

Given the general animosity the golfers who stuck with the PGA have shown towards LIV, I don't imagine the thank-you notes will be sent anytime soon. Regardless, it's clear Norman is very convinced about his product as the future of the game. We'll see about that.