Greg Norman's Latest Comment About PGA Tour Is Embarrassingly Tone Deaf

Ryan Phillips
Greg Norman, QBE Shootout - Round Three
Greg Norman, QBE Shootout - Round Three / Cliff Hawkins/GettyImages

Greg Norman has joined Phil Mickelson as golfers who have said incredibly embarrassing things about the PGA Tour while associating themselves with the Super Golf League. The two men have decided to connect themselves to Saudi Arabian government while taking shots at the PGA along the way. Norman's latest comment was embarrassingly tone deaf.

Norman is the commissioner of the Super Golf League and in a confidential seven-point memo he sent to some professional golfers, he accused the PGA of "egregious acts of bullying" and can't ban players who participate in the SGL. Yes, Greg Norman, in a serious letter, accused the PGA of "bullying" people, while at the same time aligning himself with the government of Saudi Arabia. You can't make this sh*t up.

Saudi Arabia has an atrocious record on human rights -- as Phil Mickelson so eloquently articulated. From show trials, to a lack of free speech, to overall mistreatment of women, torture, executions and banning independent human rights organizations, the country isn't exactly known as a champion of freedom.

The fact that Norman would complain about the PGA bullying people while openly associating himself with the Saudis is just incredibly tone deaf.