Greg Norman: LIV Golf Has 'No Interest' in Truce With PGA Tour

Ryan Phillips
LIV Golf Invitational - Chicago - Welcome Party
LIV Golf Invitational - Chicago - Welcome Party / Joe Scarnici/LIV Golf/GettyImages

Apple and Amazon have reportedly both rejected the chance to be LIV Golf's TV partner, with Apple reportedly wanting to avoid LIV because it's "too toxic." On the heels of those rejections, LIV Golf CEO and commissioner Greg Norman decided to pipe up again and said his tour has "no interest" in a truce with the PGA Tour.

LIV is set to have its fifth tournament this week at Rich Harvest Farms outside of Chicago. Before it kicked off, Norman said he had no desire to discuss a detente with the PGA. Norman had previously attempted to talk to PGA commissioner Jay Monahan about how the two tours could coexist, but he doesn't appear interested in that anymore.

In an interview with The Australian this week, Norman said, "We have no interest in sitting down with them, to be honest with you, because our product is working."

Monahan hasn't wanted to negotiate with LIV Golf despite a number of high-profile players abandoning the PGA for the Saudi-backed tour.

Norman seemed to blame Monahan for the animosity between the tours: "That's why we are where we are today. We tried awfully hard -- I know I did personally for the past year ... When we knew we were never going to hear from them, we decided to let it go."

Norman also told The Australian that LIV Golf had always planned to be an "additive" tour to the existing golf landscape, not a replacement for the PGA.

While Norman continues insisting LIV has been a success, public interest in the tour has never been strong and seems to be waning. Without a TV deal, there's almost no chance it succeeds.