Greg Hardy Wins Decision Over Yorgan de Castro at UFC 249

Ryan Phillips
Greg Hardy at UFC Fight Night Jacare v Hermansson
Greg Hardy at UFC Fight Night Jacare v Hermansson / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Greg Hardy improved his MMA record to 6-2 (one no contest) with a decision win over the previously-unbeaten Yorgan de Castro Saturday night at UFC 249. All three judges gave Hardy the win with 30-27 scores in a fight that didn't see much action after the first round.

De Castro hurt his foot on a low-kick attempt in the second round and his activity ground to a halt after that. Hardy was active but not terribly effective in the second and third rounds. Both fighters had solid activity levels in the first round, as they each landed solid strikes. De Castro's low kicks did serious damage to Hardy's left leg as a massive welt could clearly be seen for the remainder of the fight.

Sadly, what began as a fight with solid action between two knockout artists wound to a close with a whimper. De Castro moved well over the last two rounds but just couldn't push himself to throw strikes. Meanwhile, Hardy kept up the activity level but was largely missing the target or only making partial contact.

Obviously Hardy is a phenomenal athlete with a ton of power so he remained dangerous throughout the fight. His physical ability is clearly the reason the former Pro Bowler has a spot in the UFC despite his checkered past. Hardy was arrested for assaulting an ex-girlfriend and also has an arrest for cocaine possession on his record.

It's fair to wonder if the UFC should have given Hardy a spot on the pay-per-view section of this card. But clearly Dana White doesn't care about the character of his fighters. His handling of Jon Jones is proof of that.