Greg Hardy Had an Arsenal of Weapons Straight Out of a Movie

By Jason McIntyre

Greg Hardy, the Carolina Panthers defensive end who was arrested this week following a scrap with his girlfriend – allegedly due to her previous relationship with Nelly – turned over his fireams to police today, and my goodness, the dude had an arsenal.

Based on this list, Hardy wasn’t the type of guy who would go to the gun range on occasion. He was stockpiling weapons the way some guys collect cars. Maybe Hardy’s just a gun enthusiast? As a gun owner, I totally understand the interest in possessing a weapon. But this is a bit much, unless you’re robbing a bank or prepping a small army. One can imagine the terror his girlfriend must have felt when she was (allegedly) thrown onto a bed full of these weapons.

Google some of these. They’re impressive. The Mossberg 590 shotgun is sweet. The P-415 rifle is no joke.

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