Greg Hardy Apparently Wants to be an Ultimate Fighter

Stephen Douglas

Greg Hardy’s professional football career is likely over so he has turned his attention to mixed martial arts, according to MMA Fighting. Hardy hinted at the change in sports earlier this week on his new website. Under the headline “The Ultimate Comeback,” Hardy misquoted a Vince Lombardi quote that briefly read, “It’s not whether you get knocked out, it’s whether you get back up.” Either way, remember that thing he did that got him suspended by the NFL?

This also comes a couple weeks after he was arrested for cocaine possession and claimed that someone had put the cocaine in his wallet without his knowledge.

According to MMA Fighting, Hardy’s camp claims that “several promotions have already expressed interest in signing him.” This isn’t hard to believe. The question is, would a major company be willing to promote Greg Hardy? Unlike CM Punk, he’s not popular enough to warrant a completely unearned fight or two in the UFC. He’s probably even too big of a P.R. headache for Bellator to bother with right now. Who knows if Hardy will go straight for the Texas or Japan freakshow fight circuit or actually try and build a little career and hope that he can stay clean long enough for someone to try and sell a rehabilitated image through sanctioned violence story. Of course, if that were possible, he’d find his way back to the NFL.