Greg Gutfeld's Take on Derek Chauvin Verdict Ripped By Fox News Colleagues

Ryan Phillips
Greg Gutfeld In Concert - Cedar Park, TX
Greg Gutfeld In Concert - Cedar Park, TX / Gary Miller/Getty Images

Greg Gutfeld is having a bit of a moment at Fox News. His late-night show has largely been panned because the "comedy" is painful, and he's sort of developed a shock-jock personality. On Tuesday evening he might have reached the zenith of his absurdity.

Gutfeld was brought on Fox News just moments after a Minneapolis jury found former police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on three counts in the death of George Floyd. Gutfeld's comments on the verdict made Judge Jeanine Pirro and Juan Williams groan audibly and immediately fire back at him. He claimed he was happy with the verdict even if Chauvin might have been not guilty, solely to avoid any riots.

In the first video below, Pirro claims the verdict was supported by evidence and will be held up on appeal, the second is Gutfeld's response:

Hoo-boy is that bad. Fox News analyst Ted Williams wondered aloud if his colleague had gone off his meds, which made Gutfeld flip out:

So yeah, quite the night from Gutfeld. He openly advocated against justice being done because so his neighborhood could stay clean.