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Greg Gard Sickened By How Officials Keep Screwing Brad Davison

Stephen Douglas
Brad Davison
Brad Davison / G Fiume/Getty Images

The Iowa Hawkeyes beat the Wisconsin Badgers, 77-74, on Sunday. The final minute of the game will go down in the books as one of the longest minutes in basketball history. There were six fouls, 11 free throws and one jump ball. There was also an official review that turned a common foul into a double-foul where one of the fouls was a flagrant on, you guessed it, Wisconsin's Brad Davison.

After the game, Badgers' coach Greg Gard ranted about the league, the officials and the opponents who seem to be targeting Davison.

The call on Davison that set Gard off here was the one that starts around the 8:49 mark in the video below. Davison cuts down the lane and gets fouled, but upon review, officials handed him a flagrant for a "hook and hold" of defender Keegan Murray's arm. (8:55 into this video)

Let's just say it's a reputation call, which is why Gard is right that officials and opposing teams might be on the lookout for this kind of thing from Davison. He has a history of dirty plays and even affected the end of a Wisconsin - Iowa game last year when he hit an opponent below the belt.

Interestingly enough, Davison crashed the floor with both arms wrapped around the arm of Murray a few minutes (of game time) earlier. You can see that around the eight-minute mark of that video.