Greek Cup Match Suspended After Fans Riot, Shoot Flares On Field

Ryan Phillips

If you think Americans take sports too seriously, you might want to watch some European soccer matches.

On Wednesday, PAOK and Olympiacos met in the first-leg of their semifinal matchup in the Greek Cup. The two rivals were locked in a tight game, with Olympiacos leading 2-1 in Thessaloniki in the 86th minute. That’s when PAOK was denied what looked like a clear penalty when midfielder Robert Mak was taken down by Olympiacos keeper Stefano Kampino.

PAOK’s players and fans went absolutely nuts at the lack of a call from the referee, and Mak wound up being sent off with a red card for his protests.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

PAOK fans fought running battles with police showered the field in flares and toilet paper and eventually rushed the field. All of that caused the suspension of the match.

PAOK has announced that it has withdrawn from the Greek Cup and will not participate in the second leg of the match in Athens.