Grayson Allen Is Back at It Again


It only took four NBA Summer League games for the one of the Memphis Grizzlies’ newest acquisitions to lose his cool.

Welcome back to the spotlight, Grayson Allen.

In the fourth quarter of yesterday’s Summer League matchup against the Boston Celtics, Allen was ejected for picking up his second flagrant foul of the game. Interestingly enough, both fouls came within an eight-second span and both were directed towards Boston rookie Grant Williams.

The first flagrant came moments before the second, with Allen pushing off a pick from Williams in dirty fashion.

Following the frustration of this play, Allen hacked Williams just seconds later to pick up his second flagrant foul, resulting in his ejection from the game.

It was a classic case of Allen letting his frustration on the court get the best of him. Struggling with his shot and the team down 20-plus points, Allen lost his cool and took it out on Williams twice in a matter of seconds.

Building a reputation for being a cheap and dirty player during his time at Duke, Allen has continued to live up to those expectations so far during his time in the NBA. There’s no place in the game for this dirty type of play and if Allen doesn’t clean up his act soon, don’t expect him to last long in this league.