Grant Hill Responds to Magic Fan Talking Junk on Instagram

Stephen Douglas

Grant Hill was in Orlando this week to be honored by the Magic as a team legend. While in town, Hill was spotted at a gas station by an bitter Magic fan. The fan took a picture and posted it to Instagram with the following description:

"Ran into Grant Hill earlier today and was about to give him a piece of my mind! However he took off in his car as soon as he got gas and all I could manage was a quick “BOOOO” before he drove off. At least one of us can sleep soundly tonight, knowing that they didn’t rob the city of Orlando out of $93 million.#worstnbacontractinhistory #healsobeatmywolverines"

Pretty funny. Then, out of nowhere, Grant Hill shows up.

Good point, but jungdaddy wasn’t done being an Instagram tough guy.

"@realgranthill I don’t know if I should be honored or disturbed that I got trolled by this supposedly “realgranthill” account at 6 am in the morning. Then again, I wouldn’t be shocked if it really was Grant Hill and that he couldn’t get a good night’s sleep in Orlando, after the heist that he pulled. And you were lucky that I couldn’t make it to the game last night, or the boos would have been raining down hard at the Amway Center! How could the Magic have a “Legends” night for someone that averaged less than 30 games a season and got paid $93 million in the process? You should be honoring the Magic everyday!! SMH! How did you even find this post? Oh, yeah the hashtag #worstnbacontractinhistory probably led you straight to it."

Grant Hill obviously owes this dude personally. While the exchange is humorous – especially the part about Grant Hill trolling Instagram at 6 am in the morning – the only thing I will remember is that “It’s easy to have courage on Instagram.”