'Good Day Philadelphia' Says Video of Dumpster in a Flood is Ben Simmons Leaving Town

Stephen Douglas
Delaware Dumpster.
Delaware Dumpster. /

Good Day Philadelphia airs every day on FOX 29. This morning co-host Mike Jerrick roasted Ben Simmons during the sports segment by running video of a dumpster floating through flood water and saying it was Simmons "leaving hastily out of Philadelphia."

Now there are many layers to this. First, it's a pretty mean-spirited joke that feels like it should be out of place on a morning news program, but Philly is just built different I guess. Simmons hasn't even been traded yet!

Maybe the most amazing part is that they credited the person who originally made the joke on Twitter instead of the person who actually took the video. So they used someone's video without properly crediting them and Jerrick basically passed off a tweet as their own joke on-air.

If you go look at the original video, it's not even in Philadelphia! It's in Wilmington, Delaware.

No wonder Ben Simmons is over this jawn.