Golfer Shoots a 103 on Web.Com Tour, Will Miss Cut By About 48 Strokes

By Jason Lisk

In an homage to weekend hackers everywhere, Michael Bembenick went out and shot a 103 today at the Tour event in Newburgh, Indiana. When I do that, the scores usually plummet on the back nine in relation to the number of trips from the beverage cart. Was there a Tin Cup moment? It doesn’t appear so. The highest score on a hole was an 8, but he managed only two pars (and no birdies) all day. Breaking 100 with nary a meltdown hole in the double digits is hard to do.

That’s a screen shot of the bottom of the scoreboard. The cut line looks to be at about Even right now. He’s only 48 strokes back.

[h/t: @ChrisKoether]