Golden State's Game 3 Warmups Delayed Because Their Hoop Was Too High


Game 3 of the NBA Finals tips off in a little over an hour and both the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics have a great opportunity to seize control of the series. All bets are off and any smart gameplan calls for employing any means necessary to achieve the goal at hand. So it would actually be surprising if the home side didn't use the comforts of a friendly gym and support staff to create any advantage. Hip to this, the Warriors dug deeper when some of their warmup shots felt a bit weird and alerted the proper authorities to the time-honored gamesmanship of making the basket weird.

It appears the goal was fixed a few inches above the regulation 10 feet.

Now, in all reality it was probably a simple misunderstanding. The normal basket-setter called in or something. But never let Occam's Razor get in the way of a spicy story. Boston has learned all the tricks of the trade in the Bill Belichick era and they've learned well.

Everything is now on the up and up and Golden State is warming up on a legal hoop, so they won't have any excuses. Heady play by all around, especially the visitors who probably couldn't have gotten the game stopped to check once it started.