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Glenn Close Broke Out "Da Butt" at the Oscars

Ryan Phillips
Glenn Close doing "Da Butt" at the Oscars
Glenn Close doing "Da Butt" at the Oscars /

Glenn Close may have lost for Best Supporting Actress, but she definitely won the Oscars Sunday night. The 74-year-old, eight-time nominee made news not for her acting but her dancing during the ceremony. During a bit led by Lil Rel Howery, Close broke out "Da Butt" dance and the crowd went nuts.

Check this out:

And she was right. "Da Butt" was a song by Washington D.C.-based go-go group E.U. from 1988 that was released on the School Daze soundtrack. Yes, it created a dance craze:

Glenn Close shaking her ass on camera was not on my Oscars bingo card, so someone else definitely won.

Close has never won an Oscar despite her eight nominations but she has achieved a more iconic moment than any of the eight women who have beaten her. That was truly amazing.