Glendale Mayor Challenged to Boxing Match at City Council Meeting Following Post-UFC Parking Garage Encounter


UFC 263 took place on June 12th at Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona, with Israel Adesanya defending the middleweight championship. After the event ended there was a confrontation, which isn't completely unusual at a UFC event, but this time it involved the mayor.

At Tuesday's Glendale City Council meeting, Gila River Arena employee Robert Nejbauer showed up to tell the council about an incident between himself and mayor Jerry Weiers as Weiers was allegedly trying to cut the line to exit the parking garage. The two exchanged words and Nejbauer says that Weiers tried to get him fired. 3TV / CBS5 have the story.

You can watch Nejbauer's comments in their entirety here, but it seems pretty clear the highlights made the local news.

"I yelled at him to stop and head out the north exit. He pulled up next to me, rolled the window down and said, 'Can the attitude. You don't want to get started with me.' Well, I said, 'You don't want to mess with me. Go out the north exit the way I'm instructing you.'"

"He then told me to eat sh**t and die. My response was appropriate. It was, 'F**k you get out of my garage,'"

Nejbauer ended his time by throwing down an open invitation to the mayor to settle their differences inside the ring.

"Sir, if you'd like to kick my ass, I'd be happy to meet you in any boxing gym in the Valley, put on the gloves, get in the gym and I'll give you a shot at the title."

Please someone get this put on one of the Paul brothers' cards.